Our Newest addition


OTTO  R. ORTIZ TORRES lIC. # 19870 - Welcome to the Costa del Caribe Realty Family! Wishing you the best of fortune, success with much health and blessings! 

The New kids on the lots ! Reaching new heights in the Real Estate business

They say, necessity creates new opportunities. Lord and behold!  BANG! Along comes the reunion of the "New Kids on the Lots". Bound together by chance or change of luck during these challenging times,their destiny brought them together to alter their respective course and comfort zone. Why New Kids? We feel rejuvenated and committed  to our mission in life;to continue to provide the best service possible in the Real Estate business for our supporters,Clients and friends.                                                                                      
  As proposed by one of our founders  and partners:  Alina Santiago.  Alina (Ali as close friends and family call her), brings with her over 14 years experience in the Real Estate business, mostly in Palmas del Mar. Alina is also an accomplished Industrial Engineer and Attorney in fact (Abogado in Spanish). Ali has had many successes and awards during her tenure in the Real Estate Business.  (Not active at the moment,doing other venture)
   Last but not least, one of the final Kids on the Lot, Eduardo (Eddie) Moreau. A long time retailer from New York that arrived in Puerto Rico in 1988 and has been adopted and has adopted the enchanted Island of Puerto Rico as his home and has made Palmas del Mar his second home and passion.  He brings to the table over 25 years of Real Estate experience, integrity and success. Top Producer in new products and resales, Top Lister and member of the Multi-Million Dollar Club, the list goes on and on. He has shared many successes, merits and awards but the best award is the variety of people he has met as clients that have become his friends and supporters.
"COSTA DEL CARIBE REALTY"  is our reward and at the same time our way of repaying our clients for the many years of success and prosperity they have brought us. Come visit our new home at PALMANOVA PLAZA ,PALMAS DEL MAR, HUMACAO-PUERTO RICO.OPEN 6 DAYS. OUR PROFFESSIONAL STAFF IS WAITING FOR YOU: CARMEN PEÑA (RECEPTIONIST) Diana Cintron(Lic.16300) Email:dianadepalmas@gmail.com MYRNA RIOS(Lic2389) EDUARDO MOREAU(Lic.4529). Email: costadelcaribepr@gmail.com WE HAVE MORE THAN 50 YEARS COMBINED IN REAL ESTATE SALES & LONG TERM RENTALS.