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OTTO  R. ORTIZ TORRES lIC. # 19870 - Welcome to the Costa del Caribe Realty Family! Wishing you the best of fortune, success with much health and blessings! 

Costa...Managing Your Property



Benefits for Costa del Caribe Realty Property Management of your Caribbean Home...


  1. * Keeping the property fresh & in ready to use condition.
  2. * Coordinate & sub-administrate repairs to maintain equipments in good working order.
  3. * Periodic evaluation of the condition of the property, at least once a year.
  4. * Once the property is in our Property Management Program we will act as Facitators for all  the parts        involved.      .
  5. * For the complete service information contact us & we will provide all the information to get involved   with our Property Managagement program. Be carefree and let us help you. 
  6. * Email us: costadelcaribepr@gmail.com.